The 2021 Annual Impact Report is Here!

Meet Jonathon and Evelyn:

Both are survivors of childhood cancer. Both are recipients of Help, Hope, and Courage from the Northern Nevada Children’s Cancer Foundation (NNCCF).

Jonathon survived childhood leukemia; Evelyn has neuroblastoma. Just after her first birthday, Evelyn started to display signs of regression in milestones. Children her age would normally be sitting up, playing, crawling, and moving around on their own. After visits to her pediatrician and local hospitals, an MRI eventually revealed a 3.5-inch tumor inside Evelyn’s spinal column in her lower back.

“It’s kind of strange. Having gone through what I did, I was almost expecting something like this to happen to my child. Even before she was born, I considered the possibility of something like this occurring. When things started going wrong, cancer was the first thing my mind went to,” said Jonathon.

The NNCCF team was there to provide financial and emotional support to help Jonathon and his young family navigate the uncertainty of Evelyn’s cancer journey, just as they had for Jonathon’s mother when he was diagnosed.

Evelyn is now a happy little two-year-old girl, running, jumping, and riding bikes with her older brother. She’s also a big sister now and shares her gentleness and bright personality with her baby sister.

“Because we had such a wonderful family and NNCCF behind us, we didn’t have to worry about anything but Evelyn and making her healthy. I believe that really had a major impact on her quick recovery as we were able to stay fully focused on healing as a family.”


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