About Town Deb is supporting NNCCF this year with a $5000 community fundraising goal!

Deb has been supporting NNCCF for five years and has helped foster connections in the community resulting in incredible awareness and donations to NNCCF.

A Time to Adventure, Together

Continuing from the first year, Katie Coombs – Uncommon Sense is spearheading another iteration of the auction benefiting Northern Nevada Children’s Cancer Foundation. Time to Adventure, Together, will be a time to make connections, share stories and remind ourselves of how good it feels to give to those who are in need.
Time to Adventure, Together is a free opportunity for anyone aged 21 to 90 to gain new experiences with some of Reno’s sparkling personalities, though we encourage you to consider a donation of $5 or $10 to the nonprofit.

Bid on fun activities (platonic bidding encouraged) with Reno citizens to benefit Northern Nevada Children’s Cancer Foundation.
Deb McCarthy will provide the winner of her adventure with a special dinner at Wild River Grille and a walk by the river. This worldly wine veteran has traveled the western states to uncover many a fun weekend destination and no doubt you will enjoy non-stop conversation centered around wine, travel, or the many stories she’s collected over her years of excursions.

Visit the Virtual Auction Website to view and bid on these fun experiences!

Giving This Holiday Season

All donations will be matched by the William N. Pennington Foundation up to $500,000 now through February 19, 2021. Give during the holiday season and your dollars are doubled to support local children battling childhood cancer.

Be sure to include “About Town Deb” in the comment section on your donation here:

Other ways Deb is supporting NNCCF:

Dorinda’s Chocolates is hosting a monthly chocolate and wine pairing event where raffle tickets are sold with all proceeds being donated to NNCCF. Visit Dorinda’s Chocolate’s and tell them About Town Deb sent you!