It’s that time of year where giving a gift often feels better than receiving one. For those who want to channel their inner Santa, this is a great opportunity for those who want to make a difference in a deserving child’s life with our annual holiday gift program.

Caring individuals, families, businesses and community groups can make a difference for local families who have a child with cancer. Participants are matched with families and given a wish list to guide them through the shopping fun.

How Much Does it Cost to Participate in Hope for the Holidays ?

There are different levels of participation. For those hesitant to donate a gift because it may not seem like a lot, don’t worry. Our program is aimed to provide an opportunity to participate at numerous levels.

Participants can:

  • Donate a new, unwrapped gift or gift card of any value.
  • Make a financial contribution that will be used to purchase gifts off of a wish list.
  • Adopt an entire family – The average amount spent on gifts per family depends on the number of family members. In past years, the average amount spent for a family starts at approximately $400. We will match you with a family size that will fit your budget.

Ready to participate? Sign up here to become a sponsor

The final deadline for participants to drop off their gift is Friday December 3 at 3550 Barron Way, #9A, Reno, NV. This helps us to facilitate distribution of gifts in a timely manner. Please make an appointment so that we can ensure our staff will be available at the time of drop off.

Sponsors that are participating in the Hope For Holidays program are asked to complete the Sponsor Report Form (NNCCF staff will provide) along with all original (or copied) receipts at the time gifts are dropped off. We will issue sponsors a charitable gift receipt for the value of the goods contributed to the Hope For The Holidays program.

For those who want further information, do not hesitate to call 775-825-0888 or email