Give Blood and Save a Child with Cancer

Donating blood helps more than trauma victims, it can save the life of a child with cancer. According to the American Cancer Society, many children diagnosed with cancer need blood transfusions because cancers of the blood and bone marrow cause low blood counts. Treatments used to combat childhood cancers can also impair blood cell production in the bone marrow.

Victoria was rushed to the hospital and needed a blood transfusion upon her diagnosis of cancer. Many children, like Victoria, end up in the hospital to treat low blood counts and its symptoms. Her blood work showed that her bone marrow was not producing blood cells, and the PICU was waiting for her arrival.

“We drove to the hospital and when we got there, they already had a PICU room set up for me,” said Victoria. “A couple doctors came in and discussed treatment plans while nurses pumped me full of blood.”

A child being treated for cancer may need platelets, red blood cells or white blood cells. A blood donor can choose to donate whole blood or platelets – both having benefits to cancer patients. According to United Blood Services, every 30 seconds someone needs platelets.

NNCCF Staff donates bloodMany NNCCF staff members donate blood up to three times a year in support of the many local children affected by cancer.

“We commonly hear from our families that their child received a transfusion,” said Lindsey. “Donating blood gives me the opportunity to save three lives – those lives could be the children we serve at NNCCF.”

Lindsey and Lizzie donated today at the United Blood Services mobile blood drive held at Signature Landscapes in Reno. The next drive will be in September 2018 – contact Bobbie Merrigan at for availability and to schedule an appointment time. There are many other locations accepting donations throughout the year.

By donating blood, a child living in northern Nevada that is diagnosed with cancer can continue to overcome the disease. Visit United Blood Services to schedule your appointment today.