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“Jonah’s life and ours were affected in so many ways. But it happened so fast that it was really wasn’t noticed. We adapted every day and still are,” said Troy Howell, Jonah’s Father.


“For Jonah it was his football. He loves to play football and had just started a new league. He loves training and being around his fellow players. Not being able to train really affects him. He lost a ton of weight and muscle. I see the sadness in his eyes when he must ask for someone to help him get up. We just take one day at a time ‘cause we don’t know what he will feel like each day.”


From the financial support and emotional support, NNCCF has been there for Jonah and his family to lean on throughout his diagnosis and cancer treatment. Since the COVID-19 outbreak, Jonah has continued to follow guidelines from his doctors and healthcare providers to stay safe and healthy.