Press release –

(Reno, NV) – Today, May 5, 2020, the Northern Nevada Children’s Cancer Foundation (NNCCF) hosted a superhero themed “No More Chemo” parade for Brady, a local 5-year-old boy, who recently completed treatment for childhood cancer. Washoe County Sheriff’s Office, Reno Police Department and Reno Fire Department participated in the parade which included patrol cars, motorcycles, SWAT truck, and fire engines. There was also a special cameo appearance from Brady’s favorite superhero, Iron Man.

“In light of what is going on in the world, the celebration parade for Brady today was one of the coolest things we have ever experienced.” said Nicole, Brady’s mother. “Brady has endured so much in the last three years. It brought so many tears of joy to see his happiness and be able to watch him ring the bell.”

Brady rang the bell on his driveway with his parents and siblings, as his friends, family, the NNCCF team, and community supporters, drove by in a parade to celebrate his completion of treatment for childhood cancer. Each ring of the bell paid tribute to every appointment, infusion, surgery, and more that he and his family endured throughout their cancer journey. Brady was given the nickname “Iron Man Brady” during treatment and has showed his bravery and resilience every day since.

“The amount of love and support this community has shown Brady and our family is something we will forever be grateful for. They have made this cancer journey bearable from beginning to end,” said Nicole. “We want to thank our family, friends new and old, NNCCF, Washoe County Sheriff’s Office, Reno Police Department, Reno Fire Department, SWAT, Iron Man, Lion and Lamb staff and classmates for making this a day we will never forget.”

In 2014, NNCCF established a bell ringing tradition to help children and their families celebrate the end of their childhood cancer treatments. The celebrations are typically held in the NNCCF office where a large, silver, “No More Treatment” bell is mounted. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic and social-distancing restrictions, Brady’s family and NNCCF crafted a different way to celebrate. NNCCF cleaned and delivered their portable bell to the Brady family prior to the celebration.

“During this time of quarantine, we are so happy to be able to celebrate this milestone with a social distancing celebration involving so many of our community partners,” said Shirley Folkins-Roberts, NNCCF executive director. “Our bell ringings and ‘No More Treatment’ celebrations are a symbol of hope for our families – It was a long-awaited milestone for Brady and his family, and we are proud to celebrate this moment with him.”


The Northern Nevada Children’s Cancer Foundation is the only non-profit in the region solely dedicated to helping local children and their families affected by childhood cancer. NNCCF’s programs and services include the Family Assistance Fund, Inspire survivorship program, Hope for the Holidays program and emotional support through end-of-treatment celebrations and family activities. For more information, call (775) 825-0888, visit or follow on social media @NVKidsCancer.