Childhood Cancer CaregiverThis November NNCCF is celebrating the childhood cancer caregivers in our community. Caregivers for children with cancer can be parents, siblings, family members, friends and neighbors. They come from all walks of life and put their time, love and energy into helping a child who is battling cancer. They are truly heroes and deserve a great amount of gratitude and respect.

The role of a family caregiver is very demanding and can be very stressful. Children with cancer experience long hospital stays, repeated clinic visits, emergency room visits, quarantined days at home, travel to and from treatment and much more. Caregivers manage all of the stresses of caring for the child – making sure they are getting the treatment they need to beat cancer – all while managing their own life, needs and responsibilities.

There are many ways contribute or help a family with a child battling cancer. Meal preparation, transportation, light housekeeping, care of siblings and similar services help lift some of the burden off of these families. Allowing a caregiver to take a break – even if just an hour a day – lifts spirits and helps them feel refreshed. Supporting caregivers and helping with the small things can make a big impact.

This month, thank a caregiver! Make sure you tell them that you are grateful for all they do, and if you can, offer a token of your gratitude (bring them a coffee or buy them lunch). THANK YOU, to the family caregivers helping children with cancer, NNCCF appreciates you!