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Sports Celebrity Sends Uplifting Message to Local Children Battling Cancer

(Reno, NV) – Mike Krukow, the Emmy Award-Winning broadcaster and former major league pitcher for the San Francisco Giants, sent a heartwarming video to local children battling cancer. Krukow, a friend of the Northern Nevada Children’s Cancer Foundation (NNCCF), filmed himself reading a children’s book to lift the spirits of children and their families who are currently undergoing cancer treatments and in isolation, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I appreciate the opportunity to share one of my favorite stories with the little ones and their families. I hope to bring them happiness during this time and make them feel less isolated,” said Krukow. “I know these children and their families are already facing tough times and the least I can do is bring more joy to their family.”

The video was posted today on Facebook:

It is also available on the NNCCF website:

Two years ago, Mike and his wife, Jennifer Krukow, were inspired by the efforts of San Francisco Giants pitcher, Buster Posey and his wife, Kristen Posey, to support childhood cancer patients and pediatric cancer research. The Krukows have put their heart and support, as well as that of the Giants, behind the efforts of the northern Nevada community and NNCCF to support children battling cancer. They created A Giant Event for Childhood Cancer, along with NNCCF and supporters, to raise funds for childhood cancer research and local children. The next event is scheduled for fall of 2020.

Krukow is assisting NNCCF’s efforts to provide comfort to families and foster ways for local children to feel connected and less isolated. NNCCF is providing services at full capacity to assist families with financial and emotional support. NNCCF is using multimedia communications, social media, and virtual events, to assist its mission and serve local families.


The Northern Nevada Children’s Cancer Foundation is the only non-profit in the region solely dedicated to helping local children and their families affected by childhood cancer. NNCCF’s programs and services include the Family Assistance Fund, Inspire survivorship program, Hope for the Holidays program and emotional support through end-of-treatment celebrations and family activities. For more information, call (775) 825-0888, visit or follow on social media @NVKidsCancer.