Joan and her twin sister were born in San Francisco and raised in the Bay Area. She graduated from the University of Nevada, Reno with a BA in education with a Major in Physical Education and minor in Art. She continued at UNR earning a MEd in Secondary Education and an MA in Counseling and Guidance. Joan taught a year at Herlong High School in California and taught 35 years at Procter R. Hug High School, retiring in 2006.

Joan retired from teaching and began volunteering with NNCCF in 2009. Though she’s technically “not on the payroll” we consider her staff. At NNCCF, Joan produces donor receipts and thank yous and helps at events when she can. She is a staple to our team and we don’t know what we’d do without her!

Why I started volunteering (working) at NNCCF:

After a couple years of retirement, I realized I missed having a routine, helping others, and just being in a social atmosphere. I was lucky when a friend of mine suggested I apply to volunteer at NNCCF. Truly, my lucky day. In my 10 years, NNCCF has more than doubled in staff and office space. I am the oldest member of the staff but the others make me feel young. What a warm, caring, and generous group I get to be a part of.

About me:

When I’m not at NNCCF you can find me painting with my Botanical Buddies, making snuggle buddies for care packages, or trying to keep up with our grandson. I am a short, little tenacious person. If there is a problem or something is broken I won’t stop until I solve or fix it.
Helping others is rewarding to me.

Ask me about:

What an older person can add or offer to a group of young professionals.

What is amazing to me:

When our children, clients, come to the office almost always smiling and laughing, and my knowing what they have or will be going through in treatment.

Something quirky about me:

I like to vacuum. Yes, it gives me time to exercise, think, and accomplish something all at once.

My role model:

My parents.

My favorite quote:

“A friend is a gift you give yourself.” – Robert Louis Stevenson