Why I started working at NNCCF and a little bit more about me:

I saw how NNCCF was revered by the families and donors involved. The positive energy was infectious and I wanted to be a part of the organization.

After receving my B.A. in Journalism from THE University of Nevada, I began working very closely with clients on brand management. It is a passion of mine and I have loved bringing my expertise in branding, graphic design, marketing and communications to the NNCCF team. I’m on the board of directors for the Reno-Tahoe American Marketing assiociation and I have volunteered for the PRSA Sierra Nevada Silver Spikes Awards committee and the Reno Tahoe Young Professionals Network marketing committee. As the Director of Marketing, I build and maintain close relationships with community members, donors, and media, and help develop and effectively communicate NNCCF’s branding.

It is fairly simple to make me happy, I just need two things: loving company and good food.

Ask me about:

All things food! It is truly my passion. I wish I could be a food critique.

What I think is amazing:

It is such a small world. I am blown away with how connected we can be and how large distances can feel small.

Something quirky about me:

I can hold a conversation with a brick wall – metaphorically speaking. I am very talkative and genuinely believe it’s how I process things. Also, my laugh is borderline witch-cackle.

My Favorite Quote:

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” – Maya Angelou