Childhood Cancer Toy Cabinet

Our extensive toy cabinet is a beacon of light for the children who enter our door. The toy cabinet offers an escape from treatment and a way to reconnect through games, puzzles, crafts, toys, and more. Children battling cancer and their siblings are encouraged to choose a brand new toy from the cabinet. Toys are also given to children in their new family care packages.

In efforts to keep our toy cabinet stocked, we encourage you to follow these lists of what works best with children who have long trips to treatment or hospital stays in a small room.

For younger children:

  • Travel versions of board/family games (Apples to Apples, Trouble, Sorry, Monopoly, etc.)
  • Playing cards (UNO, Phase 10, Old maid, etc.)
  • Disney brand toys
  • Legos for boys and girls
  • Paw Patrols
  • Nerf brand toys
  • Star Wars toys
  • Walkie-Talkies
  • Craft kits and art supplies (Jewelry making, paint by numbers, etc.)
  • Super hero action figures
  • Indoor basketball hoops (Other indoor-safe ball games)
  • Remote controlled toys (Cars, Helicopters, etc.)
  • Activity books

For teens:

  • Travel versions of board games (Heads-up, Hearing Things, Scattergories, etc.)
  • Playing cards (UNO, Phase 10, Bicycle, etc.)
  • Bluetooth speakers for teens
  • Earbuds
  • ITunes gift cards
  • $25.00 gift card to Target
  • $25.00 gift card to Walmart
  • Craft kits and art supplies (Jewelry making, paint by numbers, etc.)
  • Super Soft Beanies (typically made of fleece)
  • Fuzzy & Soft socks (non-slip are great for the hospital)
  • Chapter books/ series.


Toys to avoid:

Plush animals and dolls – these can be difficult to clean and can be hazardous to children in treatment with compromised immune systems.