Shave for the Brave – Why we shave and how you can help.

Shavee kissing another participant's shaved headThe Northern Nevada Children’s Cancer Foundation supports finding a cure for childhood cancer and has helped fundraise for research by hosting its Shave for the Brave event each year in March. This year, NNCCF is striving to make the 15th Annual Shave for the Brave event the best one yet. Both the NNCCF and the St. Baldrick’s Foundation are celebrating an important milestone – 20 years of existence and making children with cancer a top priority.

Shave for the Brave is a family-friendly event, and supporters are encouraged to watch the spectacle of 200 heads shaved on the grand stage at the Reno Ballroom. To participate, there is a minimum donation of $100, but it is free for the public to attend. The event begins with a kick-off ceremony at 6:00 pm equipped with Irish River Dancers, bag pipers, and more. The event ends when the last head is shaved.

Since 2006, NNCCF has shaved more than 4,000 local heads and raised $2.8 million for childhood cancer research. NNCCF is not a research organization, but its mission includes advocating for increased research funds for childhood cancer. Hosting the annual Shave for the Brave event helps NNCCF support pediatric cancer research and the overall search for a cure. NNCCF partnered with the St. Baldrick’s Foundation because it is the largest private funder of childhood cancer research.

Why is fundraising for NNCCF’s Shave for the Brave event important?
Here are some facts that you should know:
  • More children are lost to cancer in the United States than any other disease – in fact, more than many other childhood diseases combined.
    There are around 14,000 new cases of childhood cancer every single year and the most common – acute lymphoblastic leukemia—accounts for about 3,500 of those. Learn more.
  • Only 4 percent of U.S. federal funding is dedicated to childhood cancer research.
    All types of childhood cancer combined are included in that 4 percent which is very little support in comparison to the 96 percent that is given to adult cancer research. Learn more.
  • Two-thirds of children treated for cancer live with long-term effects.
    Childhood cancers are different than adult cancers. Children need more specialized research to ensure safe and effective treatment. The treatments used to cure childhood cancer can harm a child’s heart, lungs, bones, and other internal organs. Children can experience loss of hearing and sight, slowed growth and even secondary cancers. Learn more.


Shave for the Brave 2019 Statistics:

NNCCF’s Shave for the Brave 2019 event in Reno raised $205,533 for childhood cancer research. More than 200 people shaved their heads, 25 barbers volunteered their time, and more than 500 people attended. Our top three Shave for the Brave 2019 teams’ accomplishments are below:

  • Team Kylee’s Wish raised $43,616.14
    Team Kylee’s Wish started over 12 years ago and they are a long-standing team in our community. This year, they hope to exceed their $50,000 goal and if you would like to donate or get involved with Kylee’s Wish click here.
  • Team #VaughnStrong raised $43,301 which exceeded their $30,000 goal.
    Team member, Tom Gurgui, individually raised $10,979.80 in honor of NNCCF child, Vaughn who is still fighting cancer.
  • Team Green for Gold raised $13,967.59
    Lead by our local law enforcement officers at the Washoe County Sherriff’s Office.

The community’s support is needed to help reach new 2020 goals. Each team will be fundraising to support childhood cancer research. Many teams honor a child that has been affected by cancer, and your donation will help recognize those children and their journey with cancer.

Shave for the Brave Event Image

Here’s how the Shave for the Brave event works:

“Barbers” are certified cosmetologists who volunteer each year for the event and shave the participant’s head with clippers. “Shavees” can raise money by collecting pledges from family, friends, and members of the community to support childhood cancer research. The participants can pre-register online where there’s an opportunity to sign up as an individual or join a team. The Shave for the Brave fundraising platform is easy to use and individualized pages for each Shavee can be shared easily with friends and family.

Teams and participants can sign up here!

All donations will go directly to the St. Baldrick’s general foundation fund.

The fundraising goal for the 2020 Shave for the Brave event is $220,000 – which would bring the total research funds from NNCCF to $3 million. With your help, this is possible. Please donate to support childhood cancer research here. The Shave for the Brave fundraising event is your chance support childhood cancer research and local children affected in northern Nevada.


Article By: Allison Kibbe and Lindsey Tromerhauser