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September: A Big Month for NNCCF!

By Natalie Van Hoozer September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, so all of us at NNCCF are gearing up for an action-packed, fun month of advocacy. Here are some of our upcoming events and projects: “Childhood Cancer Awareness Month”: The month of September is a nationally recognized time for special attention to be focused on […]
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So Where Do Our Funds Go?

By Natalie Van Hoozer There is one topic that is always relevant to charity organizations: the use of funds. Many people who would like to donate money to charities hold reservations when donating because they are unsure where those funds might ultimately go. We at NNCCF agree that these concerns are completely valid. Recently, four […]
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Treatment Update: T-Cell Therapy

Treatment Update: T-cell Therapy By: Natalie Van Hoozer T-cell therapy is an up and coming cancer treatment process. Some of our own northern Nevada kids have received or are currently receiving this treatment. T-cell therapy, also called “immunotherapy”, utilizes the existing immune cells in a person’s body to kill cancer cells. T-cell therapy has been […]
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