Six Easy Tips to be a Top Fundraising Team

Kehl is the team captain for Kylee’s Wish. Last year the team raised $57,456 for childhood cancer research, and in 11 years they have raised almost half a million dollars. Each year they participate in NNCCF’s Shave for the Brave event and rally the Reno/Sparks community in the most inspiring ways.

Kylee's Wish Reno

Kehl put together six tips to help participants and team captains:

 Lead by example. Take on as much as you can personally. This shows your team you have skin in the game. It’s easy for most folks to just donate something, putting in the time and effort is the hard part.


 Be prepared for changes. Just like cancer, stuff happens and you just have to adjust and make the best of it.


Embrace everyone, and if you can, try to reach out in person as much as possible.


Most of all a simple “thank you” goes a really long way. These people work really hard and do as much as they can. Team captains need to appreciate each and everyone’s own efforts.


 Do a theme each year for your team. This makes it fun for everyone!


 When Lisa (from NNCCF) calls help her, we want her to stick around.


Put these tips to good use! We want all of our participants for the head-shaving event to be successful.

Shave for the Brave is March 16, 2018 at the Downtown Reno Ballroom. It starts at 6 p.m. and ends when the last head is shaved (around 8 p.m.).

You still have time to join our head shaving event! Visit here to get started. There’s a minimum donation of $100 to shave at this event.

Remember – shaving with a team can make the experience more fun. You can receive support from your team and team captain. If you haven’t registered yet and would like to join a team visit here.

Want to learn more on why NNCCF hosts this crazy head-shaving event? Click here to find out Why We Shave.